Anjenti installation on a full configurated Server a problem?

Torben 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

Just want to know in case I install Ajenti on our dedicated apache aerver with installed and configurated emailserver like sendmail/postfix, ssl and php/Mysql is there any problem that I loose configurations or functions? If not will Ajenti take over the configuarations e.g.of the email server/installed email adresses? Thanks.


Hey Torben!

It's now a time since i last used ajenti on my dedicated servers.

But what i can say is, that it shouldn't be a problem, then u install Ajenti on your system, solong u didn't had any other Controlpanel installed (Like Plesk, cPanel etc.). If u had another panel installed, u need to reinstall the server. There is a golden admin rule for that, but don't know the whole sentence anymore :D.

BUT, then i'm right, u need for E-Mail, the Ajenti-V edition. So take care that u dont install Nginx, because Ajenti-V is using Nginx as main webserver.

Another thing is, that Ajenti is using "Exim4" + "Courier" for mailserver and removes existing ones like Postfix and sendmail.

I'm not sure if Ajenti takes over the "Mail" users, if u already are using "Exim".

If u should try to install Ajenti, always think back to the golden admin rule, that if u remove it, to install a new panel, it could ruin your configs and u need to reinstall your system.

##Sry for bad english

Greetings Pierre

Hi Pierre,

thanks for answering. That helps a lot to get a kind of feeling how this application works!

I gonna ask my hoster as well, but I think they do not have any experience with Ajenti.

Have a nice week.

Best regards