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ImportError at /api/v2/ping

Benjamin Khoo 8 років тому оновлено Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 8 років тому 0

i am trying to write a small plugin to Ajenti but i ran into the Import error above.
the trace thrown doesn't seem to indicate anything from my code but it gets thrown at load up.

i'm not so sure if what i am writing caused this. But it didn't for a while.

my plugin imports and the error attached below.
let me know if this is something i can fix or i can ignore? coz my plugin still works fine...

import os
import json
import subprocess
from ajenti.api import *
from ajenti.ui.binder import Binder
from ajenti.plugins.main.api import SectionPlugin
from ajenti.ui import on
from ajenti.util import platform_select

ImportError at /api/v2/ping

No module named defaults
Request Method:POST
Request URL:http://meta.ajenti.org/api/v2/ping
Django Version:
Exception Type:ImportError
Exception Value:
No module named defaults
Exception Location:/srv/meta2/config/urls.py in <module>, line 1
Python Executable:/srv/meta2/env/bin/python
Python Version:
Python Path:
Server time:Mon, 23 Dec 2013 10:46:09 -0600


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This is a remote-side bug (just fixed).
that's great. thanks for your consistently fast replies!
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