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install on centos minimal

Abbas Roshan 7 лет назад обновлен Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 7 лет назад 1
Hi and thanks for this grate project.
i have installed centos minimal 6.4 and 6.5 , and install the ajenti as you describe in the installation page.
everything is ok , firewall config is right , but i can not access through port 8000 ,
i did my best , but no way to access through web.
there is not any problem on centos desktop , but i need minimal one.
please help me and tell me the dependencie pakcage for running ajenti on centos minimal.
thanks in advance
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If the ajenti service does not start, please check the output of ajenti-panel -v. If the service is running, then it's a firewall issue. Check it by stopping ajenti, running netcat instead of it and trying to access the URL.

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