Basic Firewall Implementation

Zack Ervin 9 years ago updated by Bahadır Doğru 6 years ago 2
I like the fact that Ajenti allows direct access to each of the chains for interfacing with iptables. I think it would be helpful, from a security perspective, and end-user perspective to include an extra button that installs a basic firewall. The security world would definitely give a nod to guiding users to a more secure setup by default. The ideal fow would look something like.

1. User installs Ajenti and logs into the web ui for the first time.
2. Welcome to Ajenti page, would you like to install a basic firewall to protect your new system?
3. No, continue to UI.
4. Yes, ok which ports would you like to leave open? Checkboxes, SSH and Ajenti checked by default, rest parsed from /etc/services.

You could also offer a "Starter Firewall" option on the firewall page itself.