Deny access to non exact domain or sub-domain or redirect it propely

Denis Ovtchinnikov 8 years ago updated by janxb 8 years ago 1

So I am stuck with a strange issue:
I have a main domain (pointing on IP of my server) OK
I have several sub domains (of the main domain) pointing on other configured ajenti sites OK

Recently I have add another domain to one configured site on ajent and have the following result:
- When I typing this domain -> it works perfectly
- But when I try type the IP of my server in browser -> the last added domain site appears...

I now how to deal with non defined subdomains (thanks to Egene ;) with a configured ajenti wilcard subdomain site (*).
But for the issue below, no ideas...

Thanks for some help
Look at my answer on this thread, there you can see how to set a vhost as default.