Can't close last Notepad file

Thibaut 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 4

When there is only one file opened in the Notepad of Ajenti V, it seems impossible to properly close it. Click "Create new" (so you have 2 files in the Notepad), then you can click on the close button. But you can't close the new file, again.
The bug is not fixed. Right now, when I try to close the last file Notepad creates a new empty file:
I know, this is the intended behavior. What's the point of having no files in Notepad anyway?
I think it's the classic behavior of a text editor. You have no open file until you create/open one. :) So I thought it was a bug. But I see what you mean by "what's the point of having no files in Notepad" and it could stay like this.