Can we work on the MySQL section?

JL Griffin 9 lat temu 0
In general the MySQL Section is terrible. Im sorry if that offends some people, but it just is. You can create users, but you cant assign them permissions to a schema? You cant reset their password? you cant rename them? You cant set what hostnames a user is allowed to connect from? What is the point of using the GUI? i always end up just connecting to terminal and using the mysql console because you cant actually use the one on the mysql gui because it wont return errors! and on top of that, no data appears under any lists unless i create a new schema... THEN the lists populate and i can delete the worthless schema i just created...

this section needs SERIOUS work. I would offer some fixes, but im a PHP dev, i have no idea how this fancy node stuff works. Can Eugeny or some wonderous node whiz make improvements to this section please?