Using wrong SSL certificates

gh8776 8 years ago updated by Stamp 8 years ago 2
I have self-signed OpenSSL generated crt and key files and added them to my website running on mail.example.com under SSL, but every mail client gives

Certificate is unknown

name <is not in certificate>
organization: internet widgits pty Ltd

IMAP server mail.example.com:993 failed
It appears that courier-imap-ssl manages them instead of ajenti. courier-imap-ssl ignores ajenti SSL certificates. I tried feeding /etc/courier/imapd-ssl my own certificates but it gives funny errors like trying to fetch mail from:


and cease working. When I try service courier-imap-ssl stop, but it disabled IMAP completely. How can I make courier respect ajenti provided SSL certs or at least feed him correctly generated certs that won't try to fetch john@example.com@example.com?
Did you manage to resolve this?
Setting up IMAP domain mailbox after setting up Ajenti V using OSX Mail client getting same issue with certificate displayed as Internet Widget PTY SSL which (not necessarily the same cert) has ben used for Dyre Trojan malware - v nervous about this.