How to create mysql database and Can we install WP with a database?

alena 8 years ago updated by Pierre Knudsen 8 years ago 1

I have installed ajenti with ajenti V in my CentOS VPS and I really don't have any idea how we can create mysql database. And one more thing can we install WP with a database?

Hello Alena,

If u mean WordPress with WP, you can install that. You should always could install WP on Webservers, if u got PHP and things like this.

To your main Problem. I'm sure, u installed Ajenti-v-mysql. With that, MySQL should be installed. If not, do it (Only got Debian commands) with a command like: "sudo apt-get install mysql" .

To create a database, u should install phpmyadmin."Sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin" If u use Apache, it can be that it already makes a config, that u just need to type your "domain.com/phpmyadmin". If that doesnt work, or u use Nginx as webserver, u need to create a path from the phpmyadmin folder to the www folder.

Attention: if u use nginx, your webserver will probably be under /srv/homepage. Use your Main homepage folder (/srv/mainwebsite).

To create the path from phpmyadmin, so it will be linked to your web folder, use this command

ln -s /usr/share/phpmyadmin /srv/mainhomepage/

Now u should be able to open up "domain.com/phpmyadmin"

Should u need more help, just ask :)

SRY for bad english

Greetings Pierre