Change FTP username and password

Alex Hübner 10 years ago updated by hrm143 8 years ago 25
It would be nice to be able to change the username and password for the FTP and MySQL plugins. Currently, MySQL creates a username called "new-website", no matter what you use as website name and/or identification (domain name(s)).Image 26


Completed in both MySQL and PureFTPd now
I will include a button for password regeneration; as for MySQL, if you first save your configuration and then create the DB, it will use website's name; if you re-create the DB it will too use website's name.
I'm a new here and but I don't see the the option to install FTP/SFPT on ajenti.  can you point me towards the right plug in to install?  I'm running Ubuntu 12.04LTS.
This is a part of Ajenti V. Apply for Ajenti V beta testing at http://ajenti.org
I installed the beta that is available on ajenti.org but I don't see the FTP tab?
Have you installled one of the ftp packages?

I have no FTP packages in Plugins menu. How to install FTP packages? Use yum? What the path to package?
UPD: Got it :yum install ajenti-v-ftp-pureftpd
Thank you. Is that the same for SMTP?
As far as I know there isn't a ftp tab in the menu, only in the website manager there appears a ftp tab.
I see "fixed" above but I installed Ajenti V + PureFTPd and it's not possible to change FTP credentials.
Oh, and how can I create more than one FTP account per website?
It's currently not possible. What is the exact use case of having multiple FTP accounts for one website?
I can see some useful cases, even if it's not for reselling hosting. If you want to give a friend a FTP access to your server, you don't always want to give your own credentials.
Well, lets say i have a production site. With lots of configs and vulnerable files.
And i have a folder, called "docs", where are many many files, images, pdfs and so on, uploaded through years by some coworkers.

I don't want them to see or touch website files, and i want them to have access only to that "docs" folder.
Thats the issue of having few ftp account for one site.
What is the process to change the default FTP username and/or password? I don't see any option to do it. I am running the latest updates from your ubuntu repo.
Customers sometimes ask for the FTP password to be changed - they've given it to someone for a temporary fix and then want to block access in the future.
This is not fixed :(

I'm on the ajenti-v-ftp-pureftpd package, and I can only use the default generated ftp username and password.
We need to be able to set specific user/pass combos, and create more than one.   

Also ability to control per-folder access or at least root folder would be ideal, but not high priority.
Yeah, Adding the option to change FTP passwords is really needed. 
Completed in both MySQL and PureFTPd now
что необходимо сделать, чтобы заработало добавление новых пользователей в PureFTP ?
Installed ajenti, can't edit FTP users. 'Username' input field has 'readonly' attribute
Still cannot edit FTP username and password. Version of Ajenti v1.2.22.19

I don't see ftp tab? -1 Ajanti

still cannot see like the screen shot...to change/add new ftp user...will you?