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Exim4 doesn't start after creating a mailbox

Viktor Gon 9 years ago updated by Ilja T 9 years ago 12
Hello guys,

I got an issue with Exim4, it was working fine (eximwhat, status, start, stop & restart were working) before i add a mailbox account in the Ajenti panel.


:~# exiwhat
Exim configuration file /etc/exim4/exim4.conf has the wrong owner, group, or mode
Exim configuration file /etc/exim4/exim4.conf has the wrong owner, group, or mode
exim4: aucun processus trouvé
No exim process data

:~# service exim4 restart
[....] Stopping MTA for restart:2014-05-22 06:49:19 Exim configuration file /etc/exim4/exim4.conf has the wrong owner, group, or mode
[FAIL] Warning! Invalid configuration file for exim4. Exiting....failed.


:~# service exim4 status
[ ok ] checking separate queue runner daemon...done (not running).
[FAIL] checking combined SMTP listener and queue runner daemon...failed (combined SMTP listener and queue runner daemon failed).

Is it only me or someone have the same problems?

Packet related : ajenti-v-mail; exim4; exim4-base; exim4-config.

By the way, i use Debian 7 (x64).
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Please a) post versions your Ajenti packages (especially ajenti-v-mail) and b) check the owner, group and mode of /etc/exim4/exim4.conf
Thank you for your answer!

I installed it on a new machine (Ubuntu 14.04) right now and yes, i got the same problem.

Package Ajenti
Package ajenti-v-mail
Version: 0.1.9

Package ajenti-v
Version: 0.2.27

Package exim4

On this new installation, everything was working before i overwrote the exim4 config (you do it when you click on the mail tab in the panel.)

So b) I checked my /usr/bin/exim4 and /usr/sbin/exim4 and all files & subfolders in /etc/exim4, they got the same chmod and chown as before ajenti was installed. (strange right?)


I re-merged my old exim4 config with the new one, just replaced some things from here : https://github.com/Eugeny/ajenti-v/blob/master/vh-... everything's fine now ;)

By the way, i installed courier-pop & courier-pop-ssl for the gmail integration, it's working fine as well (not in TLS but i'll try to generate a key for pop-ssl.)

Are you sure that exim4.conf was exim:exim 644 before? If you just make changes to it, it will get overwritten when you create new mailbox. Instead, use Advanced tab in Mail section to add custom config parts.
Hello Eugene,

It was root:root and it's still root:root and it's working fine ;)

If you encounter this problem again, please let me know so I can make an actual fix for it.
For now, I'll mark it not-a-bug since it resolved by itself.
Have the same issue on ubuntu 14.04.
same issue here, debian wheezy 64, /var/log/exim is empty
chmoded /etc/exim4/exim4.conf to 644 and it started