Configure Varnish Cache 4.0 with SSL Termination on Ubuntu

servopia 9 years ago 0
While Nginx alone is powerful enough to handle high volume of traffic, we cannot do away with the power of Apache. Additionally, the same server can handle more traffic if a better caching is configured.

The subject requirement is required to work as follows:

Image 104

We need the Varnish_VPS & LAMP_VPS to be on the same machine.

When a visitor accessed our server the access flow would be as follows:

Visitor > Nginx > SSL Termination > Varnish > Apache

Visitor > Varnish > Apache

This configuration helps to further extend the performance of the server and gives it's users ample breathing space & allow more traffic on the same server without having to upgrade the VPS.

We should provide this functionality as an AjentiV package..