VPS -> adding domain to website

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Hello everyone,

I have problem with assigining domains to paths.

Things looks that:

1. I have VPS on OVH

2. I added domain by option "Add a DNS zone" and result is here -> http://imgur.com/U9aigCc

3. I pointed to OVH DNS from my domain panel (diffrent vendor than OVH)

4. On Ajenti I created Website, then I added domain "socia*******.pl" and I apllied changes.

Now when I'm going on my link social*******.pl I get only OVH information about regitaration this domain but it should display me the HTML webiste under srv/social******* .

What step did I miss? Why its not loading my website?

anyone? I heard that might be issue with BIND9?

i would suggest checking over all of your settings for the website you set up in ajenti make sure that all the site is accessible by disabling maintenance mode. also make sure you add the site domain name to the domains list of the website being accessed. after writing that last bit i did access your site witch looks like it is running. You have to remember when propagating a domain name with dns records it may take up to 24-72 hours for some to actually work correctly.

Site looks like it working and can be accessed by out site world ..... hope you find this answer helpful. and can mark this question answered.......