Allow manual nginx and php-fpm install

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We, like many, compile nginx from source. However Ajenti from RPM does not seem to recognize this and wanted to install nginx again. We had to --downloadonly the RPM from Yum and install with --nodeps

Could this be changed to allow the installation of nginx after installing the RPM, or specifying where it is manually? Updating Ajenti is risky because we don't want Yum to correct the dependency issue when there really is not one.

Same with php-fpm, we run 3 versions of php on our server and have an FPM for each one on seperate ports. It works great but Ajenti can't even detect there is one because we didn't name the init script php-fpm, its php-5.5.7-fpm and so on.
It won't be possible to use different FPM installations with Ajenti V. I recommend instead to set up FPM manually, and then use generic FastCGI content type in Ajenti V instead of PHP.
As for packages, just make sure that your packages provide name "php-fpm" and yum won't complain anymore
We have been using FastCGI content type, did not even see an option for PHP. 

What about the nginx option? That way we can either specify an already compiled from source nginx, or install an RPM containing nginx?
Ajenti V can use any custom-built nginx as long as it follows default initscript naming and default nginx.conf path for your OS.

PHP content type becomes available if standard php-fpm *and* ajenti-v-php-fcgi are installed.
Yes, but yum tries to install nginx again while installing ajenti-v-nginx, can this be changed so it installs nginx from inside ajenti if it can't find it, or asks you where its located?
That's because ajenti-v-nginx package depends on nginx package. If you have built your own NGINX RPM, that means that it's not called nginx (instead e.g. nginx1.1.0something). You can either rename the package, or just add provides: nginx to the spec file: http://www.rpm.org/max-rpm/s1-rpm-depend-manual-dependencies.html
We just build from source IE: make && make install, we don't rebuild RPMs.
make install is already a terrible idea, but if you're ok with that you could just as well install stock nginx, and overwrite /usr/bin/nginx with a symlink to your custom build (which is in /usr/local I guess)
I would really like to install ajenti-V but Im in the same boat, I have a fully customized manual installation of nginx that Im not going to remove in favor of package managers. Anjenti tells the system it depends on nginx, the system cant find where `it` installed nginx so it assumes its not installed and offers to install a much lower and basic version, I decline and the system completely gives up because dependencies aren't met. --- The only way around this I know of is to check and see if I can download the rpm's manually and force install them ignoring dependencies and manually meeting all dependencies but nginx beforehand. --- Please provide some solution to this, thanks
I highly recommend to simply run checkinstall utility install of "make install" which will create and install a package from your custom sources which would be both easy to remove/upgrade and would satisfy ajenti-v-nginx requirement.

Using yum --downloadonly --downloaddir=~ ajenti-v-nginx and the rest of the packages I was able to install with rpm -ivh --nodeps ajenti*    then upgrading with the rpm -uvh etc etc. But Yum tells me that I have broken packages and offers to fix them all the time now