SSL Errors on Ubuntu 14.10

Joey Tunks 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 1
Since my upgrade to Ubuntu 14.10, I receive the SSL error (from Chrome) ERR_CONNECTION_RESET when trying to connect to Ajenti via HTTPS. Port 8000 is open and I can access Ajenti on port 8000 with SSL disabled. SSL path is pointed to the correct, self-signed certificate (generated by Ajenti). I've tried new certificates, changing port, and made sure I'm typing the URL correctly. I re-enabled the Ajenti repository after the distribution upgrade, and Ajenti is up-to-date.

Here's the current ajenti.log:

2015-01-28 16:15:12,053 INFO registry.register_crypt_handler(): registered crypt handler 'sha512_crypt': <class 'passlib.handlers.sha2_crypt.sha512_crypt'>
2015-01-28 16:15:12,250 INFO core.run(): Ajenti running on platform: debian
2015-01-28 16:15:12,680 INFO sm_systemd.verify(): Disabling systemd service manager: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: No such method 'ListUnitFiles'
2015-01-28 16:15:12,744 WARNING __init__.load(): *** [elements] Plugin error: format error
2015-01-28 16:15:13,553 INFO core.run(): Starting server on (u'', 8000)
2015-01-28 16:15:13,566 INFO core.run(): SSL enabled: /etc/ajenti/ajenti.pem
2015-01-28 16:15:13,577 INFO connectionpool._new_conn(): Starting new HTTP connection (1): meta.ajenti.org
2015-01-28 16:15:13,577 INFO : Starting new HTTP connection (1): meta.ajenti.org
This may be related to a bug in python-gevent...see here and here. Not sure if there is a workaround at this point but I'll keep researching.