Multiple Server Support

anonymous 11 years ago updated by Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 7 years ago 8

I would love to see a way to view and manage multiple servers using Ajenti. I would also like to be able to send commands to select servers (ie apt-get on all debian servers and yum on others). This might be better as a plugin (server plugin to manage other servers and client plugin to accept incoming requests and send back information)


instead to have Ajenti fully intalled on all servers, it would be great to have kind of master+child system to remote the other ones from the one master installation. if this is even possible, just an idea..

I too would love to see a feature such as this. It's a pain to maintain multiple instances of Ajenti when I have Nginx, Mail, SQL etc.. all in their own VM Environment.

I would like to have this feature also. Let's compete with Zentyal, ClearOS and so on... this must be doable!
This would for sure be great to have, but implementing it could be a pain and would probably require the creation of another setup similar to how ajenti-v is, but having like ajenti-manage or something.  Question comes down to security and managing separate instances that may be on older versions of OS/kernel, and handling errors, etc.

BUT it would be amazing to have, right now we just use puppet to manage them, but having something ajenti branded would be sweet!
well this is sweet but will take alot of time

for security maybe it could use SSH commands and just use an ssh key to communicate
This post is almost one year old. Some activity on this topic or I'll have to write this software myself? :-)

Hi. Is there any further development on this multi-client management issue?

This sounds very interesting since I want to present a real project for my company with Ajenti as the main master of it all.



As great as it sounds, I'm afraid this is out of scope for this project, mainly due to large effort required.