cant access ajenti from just my pc

JL Griffin 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 2
So i have a 1:1 NAT set up for my server with ajenti, i have apache set up to a port i want no issus and can access it via my fqdn:port however no matter what i do i cannot get ajenti to be outside world accessible, only by the internal ip. so i changed the hostname for ajenti from to my fqdn and now i cant access ajenti. i even changed it back to and restarted from ssh but i cannot open ajenti i get "Page could not be displayed". however i can access ajenti even after the ip change on any other computer but mine. the only way to fix this issue is to completely restart the server. different web browsers cant access it either. changing my pc's local ip doesnt make a difference, clearing cache and cookies makes not difference. no matter what i do it wont work until i completely reboot the server. oh and i still cant connect via https://fqdn:8000. i can however connect to http://fqdn:8000 if i turn ssl off however after logging in i get the ajenti bar up top and an empty page with no control panel on it. so really i have 2 issues here. 1 appears to be some kind of bug or glitch the other is maybe my configuration jacked up? i dont know. ive set up ajenti on a dozen VPSs for clients and have never had even 1 issue and now im just trying to set it up on 1 local server and i have had nothing but problem after problem.
OK i got it to connect at FQDN by matching the hostname to my internal IP (IE: the ip of Eth0). im not sure why this fixed that issue. care to shed some light? however the inaccessible from my IP thing still pops up any time i change anything in config aside from users. why is this?