i can't access ajenti from my pc browser

iRvinTech Solutions 7 years ago updated by Pedro Morais 6 years ago 3
i have installed a ajenti correctly and successful but i can't access it on my browser.i tried to enable the port 8000 on my firewall.the procedure wasn't clear to me.can you try to make it simpler
Same thing for me.
Ajenti installed on Ubuntu VPS at OVH (FR)
It says ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in chrome.
Try to use "https://" in front of your ip. example:
else go into /etc/ajenti/ , open the "config.json" and go to SSL and set it from true, to false.

If SSL is true, u always need HTTPS:// in front of your ip.
If SSL is false, u only need HTTP:// in front of your ip.