MySQL missing from menu: MariaDB installed and working. Plugin no error, entered correct credentials.

Kevin Lee 8 years ago updated by janxb 8 years ago 5
There is no dependency error in the plugins. I have configured the plugin with the correct mysql credentials. My db is working fine, but just can't manage it on Ajenti.

In fact, I only have "SYSTEM" shown in Ajenti. No "SERVICES" , no "WEBSITES" (that's probably cos I'm using Apache instead of Nginx)
uninstall mariadb and replace it with mysql-community

But I thought MariaDB is supported by Ajenti?

I don't think I'm gonna risk messing up my real apps for a control panel....
MariaDB is supported for sure, running an up to date version on my server right now..
What does the plugin section show for the MySQL plugin? It should look like this:

i have latest version of ajenti, and i use ajenti for 6 month, i try mariadb for long time, but you will getting error, and not work probly
if you wann work fine , and every thing be perfect , try mysql-community, and see it with your self

I think you should not say "it will not work, stop trying" if it is not true.. ^^
Maybe we try to find out what kind of problem the OP is facing before we say it doesn't work ;)

As I said before, I have it working right now without any problems.
Just install mariadb from the official repos and remember to install ajenti-v-mysql.