Max Sinelnikov 10 years ago updated by Sib 3 years ago 5

Does ajanti have any remote interface like XML-RPC(Webmin has)/SOAP or REST to integrate it with custom desktop monitoring tool?


Yes, you can receive JSON monitoring data at /api/meters and /api/health endpoints (HTTP GET).

If authentication is enabled, you need to first make a HTTP POST to /auth with parameters username and response (which is password). HTTP response header X-Ajenti-Auth indicates auth status. For the root page, you will receive X-Ajenti-Auth: start if auth is required. For successful /auth request, you'll receive X-Ajenti-Auth: ok


Is there anything special one needs to do to enable the rest api endpoints?  or have they changed?  (this is an old post) but I'm looking to connect to the endpoints on my ajenti server (assuming I understand what is stated above) 

https://MY.IP.ADD.RESS:8000/api/meters nor /api/health seem to work.  all result in "Invalid Result" error

can you point me to any documentation on how to do this with latest 1.x version?

There is documentation with examples of how to work with the API? It is required to add domains and create databases.
Есть документация с примерами как работать с API ? Требуется добавлять домены и создавать базы.