Some suggestions

Johannes Rohrauer 10 years ago updated by Jeremy Henry 8 years ago 3

Hi there,

here is a list of suggestions. Hope I didn´t miss something.

- save-button highlighting, if press required to save changes

- process table should be using less space. a more compact view is better

- file manager - breadcrumb navigation should be more visible. it looks way to small. "..." and ">" should have some familiar looking/sizing

- file manager - edits to a files permissions checkbox should be reflected immediatelly (755, 644, ...)

- System - Users & System - Packages should be renamed to something like Linux Users/Packages or something like that, to make sure that it´s host machine settings.

- plugins view isn´t self explanatory imho. Some tooltips on what the plugins are actually doing would be great.

- plugins you never need should be suppressable (e.g. hdparm on a vm, ....)

Hope this makes sense for you guys.


Hi Johannes!

It took a while, but I have implemented a bunch of suggestions!



some features for vmware player and workstation even virtualbox would be nice.