Ajenti V has stopped serving sites and i cannot explain why

JL Griffin 9 år siden opdateret 9 år siden 2
I have no idea what happened, Nginx error logs show no problems, no errors, nothing. no configuration red flags when i start the Nginx process. but every site on the server refuses to load. I get either "No Data Received" or "Server took too long to respond" depending on what web browser i use.

No updates have been applied recently that would have caused this (to my knowledge) and a server reboot doest fix this issue at all. Please advise where i can look or what might be the issue!

thank you!
ok i disabled assorted services that i thought could be the problem and have therefore somewhat ruled out:


Now the odd part is that if i kill the Nginx process, the error message doesnt change. at all. its as if Nginx isnt even running. i dont understand this
Found it. it actually was UFW. somehow the accept rule for port 80 was set to a port range starting at 80 and the rule was incomplete. didnt find this until i restarted UFW from terminal. you guys really neeeeedddddd a message box to pop up in the GUI when a command line error is returned from a GUI function.

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