How can I set up email forward?

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Hi all,

Ajenti is great, thank you!

I am new to this, apologize if I ask some stupid questions.

I have set up MX record pointing to the IP address of my 12.04 VPS. The Ajenti V (0.2.41) and Ajenti V Mail (0.1.23) are installed.

I simply created a mail account which will forward to my Gmail account. But this setup does not work.

Did I miss any other settings?
How do I debug this issue?
Has any one write a tutorial about this?

Thanks in advance!



Not only forwarding, but also simple outgoing mail exchange both require outbound SMTP connectivity.
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Are you testing it by sending an email from the same Gmail account? Gmail won't accept the self-forwarded email in this case.
no, I am not. I sent the test email from Yahoo account.
Could you check /var/log/exim4/mainlog and /var/log/exim4/rejectlog for any information regarding the forwarded email?
Hi Eugene,

Thank you for the quick response.

mainlog: http://pastebin.com/Mjx5iZEP
rejectlog.1: http://pastebin.com/JK6zRK2t

Seems a lot of things not right.

>> 2014-08-05 07:45:32 1XEYMR-0002rc-TP == dengpeng.cn@gmail.com R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp defer (110): Connection timed out

A possible DNS/internet connectivity problem?
I can ping gmail.com, time is 1.1ms.

mail.json: http://pastebin.com/itMUVe8g
(no passwords, there is only one email address to forward)

Thanks a lot.
Try to actually send it by running exim -v address@gmail.com
and inputting:

Subject: test
From: root@localhost


I notice that my VPS provider blocked outbound SMTP in default. Does this cause the issue?

Here below is exim command line output:

<= root@108 U=root P=local S=310
root@108:~# delivering 1XEnwE-0001IE-DP
R: dnslookup for dengpeng.cn@gmail.com
T: remote_smtp for dengpeng.cn@gmail.com
Connecting to gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com [2607:f8b0:400e:c03::1b]:25 ... failed: Network is unreachable
Yes, totally. SMTP is obviously required to send e-mails (and it's not only used for connection between e-mail client and sender e-mail server, but also between the sender e-mail server and destination e-mail server as well).
Email forwarding also requires SMTP?

Thanks for your support!
Not only forwarding, but also simple outgoing mail exchange both require outbound SMTP connectivity.

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