Mysql user not created

Ramiro J. Gómez Massetti 9 years ago updated by firstboy000 6 years ago 1
When i add a new website and try to create mysql database and user i only see the database. No user at all.
If i press the button "Create" in the database section the database is created, but when i press "create" in user section, the system say "saved" and nothing happend. No error is show.
What can i do to fix this ?
(i have the last version installed on debian 7)

i have same problem,
site work correctly, in Manage it, MySQL, when i want to create database work done. but i want to create user for that , dont work,
see root mysql, in mysql.user that i send data to create is exist, but in privilages not exist.

and grant all permissions not work, all priv field of that user record are set to N