Increased memory usage over time

Arda Kılıçdağı 8 years ago 0

I'm using Ajenti with Nginx php-fpm for about 3 days. I've some issues, I hope you guys can help me:

I'm using Ajenti + Nginx+PHP-FPM on a Ubuntu 14.04 machine (3 core x 3GHZ, 2 GB of memory) to host websites of my own. There are about 14 sites in the server.

Over time, the memory usage increases over and over. When I "restart websites", memory usage is about 280MB total, but over time, it keeps on increasing. When I restart php5-fpm, memory usage descreases to normal states (~280MB),  but after a while it keeps on increasing. Currently, after 6 hours since restarting, my memory usage 830MB. I've never experienced such an issue with Apache before.

I've set fpm for all vhosts to dynamic, and I didn't set any custom settings. Should switching to "on demand" work? If not, how can I set a static pool and set every vhost to use that pool? In process manager there is only dynamic and on-demand, also I couldn't find an option to choose pool or to set a new one.

(I just don't want to waste resources)

Also, I heard that, having them all to same socket (pool), and setting the socket's value static should work. But in ajenti, I couldn't see a option to set servers (vhosts) to set them to the same socket, nor the values.

Any help would be appreciated,
Kind Regards,