Website shows database from other website

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Each website used to show its own MySQL databases. Now new databases appear in websites they don't belong to. I tried "detach from this website" but then the databases are not attached to any website at all.


Fixed, uploading update
Additionally, what does the "Grant all permissions" exactly do: for which users, on which databases?
Grants permissions from all website users to all website DBs
Ok, so that's a very dangerous one. ;)
Under review
Doesn't happen to me. Please post /etc/ajenti/vh.json.
I just tried on a brand new server + Ajenti + Ajenti V. Same result.

  1. Create a couple websites
  2. Create one DB+user for each website
  3. All DB+user appear on all websites

The only way to correct it is to manually edit the vh.json...
You can fix the situation for the existing websites by restarting Ajenti, and then detaching unnecessary DBs
Does the detach DB function now detaches the DB from the current website only?
It would work in the previous version too, but only after an Ajenti restart