New (empty) mailbox can not be opened by IMAP client

Thibaut 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 10

I have Ajenti V + V Mail working perfectly on my Ubuntu server. Except when I create a new mailbox, my IMAP client can't open it (OS X Mail says "Unable to open this mailbox"). As soon as I send an email to that mailbox, it is available and works normally.

How can I solve that, without sending a dummy email each time a create a mailbox?

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Hi, this bug has been fixed few days ago in ajenti-v-mail package, could you please check if you're on the latest version?
Sure, it's ajenti-v-mail:all/main 0.1.19 which is said to be "uptodate".
Could you please zip a directory (/var/vmail/..) of a newly created mailbox before and after the first email?
No problem, what's your email address?
I just sent the files.
Did you spot anything special in the files I sent?
Were you able to reproduce the issue?
Hi, I've fixed the bug in ajenti-v-mail 0.1.20
Fix confirmed, thanks.