ERROR Could not bind to (u'', 8000)

Drew Jocham hace 8 años 0

I ran:

ajenti-panel -v

and got the following output:

05.09.2016 11:27 core.py:99 INFO Starting server on (u'', 8000)

05.09.2016 11:27 core.py:121 ERROR Could not bind to (u'', 8000)

Just to make sure the port was listening I ran:

netstat -tlnp | grep 8000

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 22

Since I am on a Debian Server I read this is a common issue so I ran:

sudo install gevent --upgrade


aptitude install python-dev

Still having the same issue.

I installed Ajenti via:

wget -O- https://raw.github.com/ajenti/ajenti/1.x/scripts/install-debian.sh | sh