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JONIK NSK 3 years ago • updated by wrrr 2 years ago 16
When create new web-site with Ajenti-V panel for example - create new OS user - owner of site files and grant him privileges to configure site settings with Ajenti-V.
1. When creating site ask for creating user: username [thesiteuser], password [default is empty] and shell [drop-down: sh/bash/ftp]
2. Create system-user thesiteuser with main group www-data with homedir /srv/website
 with corresponding shell from list.
3. Change owner recursivelly thesiteuser:www-data /srv/website
4. php-fpm workers runs as thesiteuser:www-data
5. webserver user (apache or nginx) has additional group www-data for serving user's content.
6. Ajenti-V uses for administration web-site:
- internal created user thesiteuser with specified password
- system-user thesiteuser (if sync panel users with system users checked)
7. additionally may be implemented Apache mod_ruid2 or mpm-itk user permissions to vhosts.
Software Plant 5 years ago • updated by Dale Morris 3 years ago 15
Nowadays CSF becomes popular and de facto standard regarding security shield in vps and dedicated servers. Webmin has UI module for configuring CSF. So definitely CSF plugin is  must for Ajenti

Δημητρης Α. 6 years ago • updated by Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 4 years ago 2
It would be interesting to offer more languages. It would make more competitive
Please help translate Ajenti into your language at https://crowdin.net/project/ajenti !

Noah Dolph 3 years ago 0
It would be nice to configure keys for root and other users via Ajenti panel. I poked around looking for a place to add authorized public keys and finally just did it manually. A way to generate and manage keys that are authorized would be a nice addition to Ajenti.
Spyros 3 years ago 0
Add options to modify postfix with virtualhosts etc.
gandolfi 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 0


If you have a problem with python and a blank screen when after your are logging on ajenti.

Maybe is ti a problem with ("Access-Control-Max-Age", 3600),

Go to




("Access-Control-Max-Age", 3600),

changing it to

("Access-Control-Max-Age", "3600"),

restart ajenti and python

i hope, it works after

psychozoic 4 years ago • updated by Gregor Gorjan 2 years ago 9

it would be great to support openvpn installation and configuration.

p.amend123 1 year ago • updated by Marco van Gaal 7 months ago 1

How about to add a Page/Website where all Ajenti Plugins listet. So u can see if there is any Plugin for the service u need instead of using google and end up in 2 year old github trash.

Pedro 2 years ago • updated by Bobses B 2 years ago 3

I think can be usefull a plugin to create a plugin to manage differential and incremental backup of mail,website and databases, now i'm using a custom script but a webgui i think is better

József Király 3 years ago • updated by Thiago Mendes Borges 2 years ago 1
Ajenti V currently uses a not so accepted NGINX configuration (regarding the main config files).

My suggestion is to use the standard definition:
- fastcgi.conf and fastcgi_params in /etc/nginx instead of fcgi.conf
- Use original NGINX configuration wherever possible
- Use original configurations for all included elements (php5, fcgi, mysql)
- Use original php5-fpm socket